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Toy Figure Masterpiece was founded toward the end of 2013 with the aid and assistance of  My son and I were on the hunt for Takara brand figures.  Through searching the web for private toy stores, we stumbled across Transformers Korea.  We contacted them to obtain their address and plan a visit.  We headed out to what we thought would be a great big store dedicated to Transformers toys, games, and other cool action figures.  Well, we found the awesomeness, but it wasn't what we expected.   

Two hours on the road and traffic jams until we finally reach the city.  As if driving there wasn't tough enough, finding the exact location took another twenty minutes.  In Korea, so few places post their building numbers.  The whole, old original address and new modern address system didn't help either.  My son and I didn't realize that we walked a half mile past the place.  Finally, I made a phone call and a minute later, this tiny little ant down the street started waving at us. With my heart pounding with excitement for both my son and I, we hurried as fast as we could and I tried my best not to look overly nerdy and excited.

I want to say it was Mr. Yang that I met, but his name escapes me.  For now I'll call him TF-Guy.  So TF-Guy walks us back into a dark shady area between buildings and disappears into a back door of a dark stairwell.  My instincts kick in to protect myself and my son.  I plan my method of escape, warn my son that if anything happens to just run away, put my hands up and try not to hurl at the stench of wasted cigarette butts.  Luckily, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and I heard the sound of shipping tape streching across boxes. 

A worker in dress clothes passes by and points us in the right direction.  What my son and I expected was some sort of toy store, but instead an office.  An office with six cubicles in the central room and two or three other rooms, one of those rooms packed with transformers from the floor to the ceiling.  The surrounding wall of the central room was dedicated to games and software for PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo and PCs.  

I was a hurt to see that my son was a little disappointed that it wasn't a toy store.  However, he did get to view the variety of Transformers samples and TF-Guy was kind enough to give my son two Transformers Prime action figures and a bunch of Masterpiece coins.  That made his day.

As for me... well... the rest is history.  All I can say is... Welcome to Toy Figure Masterpiece!